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  1. After 4 hours of replacing the pins and bushings, the door stayed up for about 1 month. Seems I split a bushing. Found you on the web, ordered your product. Took me longer to jack the door up than it did to put the shim in. Great product, wish I would have found it earlier.

  2. Unbelievable and a FANTASTIC fix

    This thing works wonders. My 1995 GMC Suburban drivers door was beyond bad. It had sagged where the top was clipping and wearing out the front of the back passengers door. It has gone through 4 sets of pins and bushings and 3 latches. I had been driving it around for the last 8 months with the door hanging loose and open. Two body shop friends told me it was a complete body hinge replacement around $600 just for the hinge work. I saw the Shim Eze by accident on a forum and watched the videos. I said, “what the heck” and ordered a set. Put the Shim Eze in today and replaced the latch. It is FANTASTIC. As good as new. The door is lined back up and works like a dream. I did spray the area with some lithium grease after it was in to help. I can’t thank these guys enough…

  3. Great product, we followed the instructions on u-tube, we repaired a 2000 S10 pick up, extended cab front door with the worst case shim.

    It worked great, shipping was fast.
    Thanks, good job

  4. I was making a list of items that I needed to order to fix the sagging drivers side door on my 1998 Chevy S10 pickup. I made one last google search to review some of the repair videos that are available on YouTube and I came across Shim-EZE. I was intrigued with the solution and went ahead and placed the order.
    My order was promptly confirmed and shortly thereafter I was emailed a tracking number. The parts arrived yesterday and it probably took me 10 minutes total to install the correct sized shim.
    My door is fixed! Anyone who has dealt with that “sagging door” knows how annoying that problem can be. I would strongly recommend this product.

  5. Quick shipping, and worked great. Did not need the worst case thickness. Only took a few minutes to install and fixed the problem. Previous dealership repair meant welded pins in elongated holes. Bushing then fell out or broke. This shim is what was needed to keep the rig road worthy.
    2000 Blazer.

  6. This is a great product! Shim set came in today’s mail about 11am dooris fixed and I have been to the store without climbing over that damn center console! Thanks for making my day! Time now, 1:30 pm.

  7. Hello, i want to fix my 2 front doors on my 1999 tahoe, should i order 2 kits? Does a kit includes the 4 different gauges shimeze? (I don’t know which gauge i need)

    your email address is wrong, we tried to send you a response and the email is undeliverable. please correct the address and resubmit your question.
    thank you

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